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She says she’ll never forget her first case, which involved a 13-year-old girl.

“Her parents were divorced and her dad had been in and out of prison,” Melton says.

This suspect would constantly set up meeting dates, but a day or so before would reschedule for a different date.

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A judge, however, recently denied their request for a preliminary injunction.

Students at the University of Texas launched a massive protest Wednesday against state campus carry laws using sex toys, Dallas News reported.

Dubbed #Cocks Not Glocks, the anti-gun demonstration could be the biggest in Texas history and aims to criticize the perceived irony that sex toys are prohibited on campus while guns are allowed.

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Full time driver license offices are open Monday through Friday.

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    I had a six-year relationship with a lovely chap who was definitely not Goth at all. If you wander into a Goth club and start sleazing over and groping random people, you will most likely get kicked out, just as you would in any other club if your behaviour was inappropriate.