Dating a parker 51

The idea is to provide you with a Parker 51 that is guaranteed to work and write as you would like it.

The coloured pens below all have mint, new-old-stock barrels and shells.

The pen and the ink were both named "51" to mark 1939, the company's 51st year of existence, during which development was completed (U. At the same time, Parker reformulated its ink, reducing the alkalinity, adding a selection of brilliant colors, and calling the new product Superchrome.

Like the "51" ink, it also came with a warning that it should be used only in the Parker "51" (or its new little brother, the "21"), but the warning was more discrete.

It can be a form of courtship that consists of social activities done by the couple.

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Parker's continued advertising during the war created a demand that took several years to fulfill after the end of the conflict.

The unusual colours are probably of Argentinian origin. The filling mechanisms may have been used before but the caps are definitely NOT new and may have scratches or dings. To save on postage, they will not have gift boxes, but if you are buying it as gift, I can supply a presentation box for an extra £5.

Translucent Green with lustraloy cap P51-05Translucent red with lustraloy cap P51-06Translucent Yellow P51- 07The pens below are the later Mk III version of the Parker 51, which are slightly smaller than the old-type 51 but take the same nib.

Vintage yellow Duofolds are extremely collectible, but a blue model named for the Zaner Blouser calligraphy school is one of the most rare Parkers ever made.

In fact, as a group, the vintage Parker Duofold fountain pens from the 1920s are extraordinarily beautiful writing instruments.

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