Fines dating a trombonist

who arranged for Frank Sinatra in his Columbia and Capitol records years.

Another member of the Dorsey band was trombonist Nelson Riddle, who later had a partnership as one of Sinatra's arrangers and conductors in the 1950s and afterwards.

Both her parents were Catholics and her father, Frederick, a music teacher, was a strict disciplinarian.

She was made aware of the harsh realities of sexual relationships early.

A grammar school boy from Wallasey, he combined his cricket with playing trombone in the semi-pro Merseysippi Jazz Band and, to the distaste of some at Old Trafford, he brought too much of the anti-establishment scruffiness of that world to his day-time job.

On one occasion, at a House of Commons reception, he turned up – horror of horrors – in a blue shirt.

If things had worked out differently, Frank Parr could have been one of the great characters of post-war English cricket.

An acrobatic wicketkeeper, he caught the eye almost as soon as he appeared in the Lancashire side.

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