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*1st Release tickets , 2nd Release tickets * public, members We know you're over the drag of online dating, and instant photo-inspired meetups haven't helped much in the quest for your true match.

City Swoon has mixed up classic local speed dating with clever matchmaking to create a streamlined, 21st Century world first!

public, members City Swoon's famous Speed Dating Adventure returns to Perth!

Explore and discover a series of bars and hidden gems of Perth, while City Swoon guides you through the night, with missions, dates and a series of great venues!

by white writers in reference to body odor allegedly peculiar to blacks.

Ever wished that you could get a date with one of the hot girls rather than the mediocre dates you've been experiencing lately? Inner Confidence is the dating coach solution that you need to get better dates and enjoy more satisfying relationships.

According to waiter Lert Nanthajoy, 40, the fire broke out when the staff were cleaning up.

The fire broke out at around am at the club on Soi Thong Lor 10, which is usually packed with Thais in the evening, but because the club was already closed for the night, there were no customers at the scene, according to a witness.They looked up and saw sparks coming from electrical wiring on the ceiling.Scrambled Egg Toast Stack (.50) from Tai Cheong Bakery's first overseas cafe in Holland V. Inner Confidence doesn't offer half-baked tactics for landing a better date. ** A cocktail night filled with matched dates and an afterparty rolled into one. *1st Release , 2nd * public, members Melbourne Speed Dating at Nieuw Amsterdam in the CBD!

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