Most intimidating looking dog breeds

Many would-be intruders are far more intimidated by the sheer size of a dog than anything else.

A large, muscular dog that announces by his very presence that he is in charge is often enough to make most intruders decide to pick an easier target.

It is classed as a seperate breed from the other three .

most intimidating looking dog breeds-53

Pit Bulls are a good example of a breed that has gotten an unwarranted reputation as aggressive and dangerous.

Pit Bulls have come to be associated with dog fighting, largely because of media coverage of high-profile cases involving dog fighting rings.

Fighting dogs are terrified and forced to literally fight for their lives, not because they inherently enjoy it, but because they’re kept in a situation where they have no choice.

That is because this list is meant to represent only the largest breeds commonly used as guard dogs.

It's sometimes assumed that any aggressive dog can make a good guard dog, but that's not really the case.

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