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Sure, I didn't know any better and for the first few months, every single person I met was like one of Liz Lemon's potential suitors (aka super hot but deeply weird, or not that hot but deeply weird), but the possibilities seemed endless! That said, it's still cool to leave at least one of those angles up in there. However, photos can also be used to showcase more of your personality, which is great if you're not as good at describing yourself as you are at taking photos of yourself doing awesome things with your cool friends. Just write what you'd feel comfortable sharing with a stranger at a bar.4.

16-May-2017 Mumbai, Tuesday, May 16, 2017: Documentary director Haobam Paban Kumar’s debut feature film Lady of the Lake which won the Golden Gateway Award in the India Gold competition at the Jio MAMI 18 the MAMI year round programme screened the acclaimed film Mukti Bhawan.

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Plus, it's really great to know you already have a lot to talk about on your first date because you love stuff together. That way, if one doesn't work out, it won't seem like the end of the world because you have other dates soon! Sometimes it's just too much to deal with and you get all those weird messages, but you don't wanna give up on finding someone awesome.

And one looks like Channing Tatum (That's someone people like, right? You don't have to keep talking to someone if it's not fun anymore. Some examples: "I'd love to stay and chat but I have to be up super early tomorrow so maybe another time!

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