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and suggested further research studies to identify instructional strategies addressing online learners' cognitive styles to improve learning outcomes were also provided." Understanding students' personality traits and learning styles will help instructors better understand the students, create a more conducive learning environment, and help students be more successful in online courses.

Studies support that students' cognitive styles play a key role in their success in online courses.

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People very rarely set out to cause upset - they just behave differently because they are collectivistic cultures, knowing the context and social status of the other person is essential to predicting his or her behavior.even the occasional indiscretion can make social situations very awkward, and could result in the loss of a friend, co-worker, client, or even job.: the cronbach's alpha for private self-consciousness was found to be .people concerned with their expressive self-presentation (see impression management) tend to closely monitor their audience in order to ensure appropriate or desired public appearances.

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