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The programme emerged at a time when the Catholic Church in Ireland was embroiled in a series of scandals.

Mary Kenny describes how “on one Monday in November 1994, the three leading stories on RTÉ, the national television network, were the political repercussions following the Brendan Smyth case, the collapse and death of a Dublin priest in a homosexual sauna club, and the conviction of a Galway priest for a sexual assault on a young man, all in one news bulletin”.

In his study of Irish beauty pageants, Fintan Walsh coined the term “homelysexuality” to describe “a domesticated, marketable and commercially profitable sexual accent, paradoxically devoid of eroticism” Father Ted writers Arthur Mathews (left) and Graham Linehan: “There’s no way you could call either of us practising Catholics […] but we didn’t want to make a Sinead O’Connor album,” said Mathews, downplaying any suggestion that Father Ted is a hard-hitting sature on the Church.

Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Dermot Morgan as Father Trendy, a character that preceded his role as Father Ted.

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