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The structure of data is Silverlight - Store Group has Observable Collection of Store Stores Through debugging I have noticed that there are no handlers attached to this.

A Command Binding enables command handling for this element, and declares the linkage between a command, its events, and the handlers attached by this element.(Inherited from UIElement.)Gets or sets a property that enables customization of appearance, effects, or other style characteristics that will apply to this element when it captures keyboard focus.(Inherited from Framework Element.)Gets or sets a value that declares whether this element can possibly be returned as a hit test result from some portion of its rendered content.Based on user selection of other criteria on my page I want to dynamically set which checkboxes are checked.Unfortunately my checkboxes fail to update their Is Checked status after I have changed the corresponding bool Property bound to Is Checked.I have a WPF Tree View that is bound to a hierarchy of a single type: Initially the Tree View binds as expected and correctly displays a multi-level hierarchy.Also, when the membership of one of the Children collections is programmatically modified, the changes are correctly reflected in the Tree View.

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