Validating multiple fields in flex

If any of the passwords are wrong you will get an error message and the incorrect field(s) will be highlighted. to make it hard you will have to store the passwords in a location that only the javascript can read, which is kinda hard to do.maybe using .htaccess file on the server to block web browsers the right to read it.I guess this is not a very common scenario, which is why the “not Equal To” rule was not included in the original ruleset of the plugin. This highly practical book contains hundreds of tested recipes for developing interactive Rich Internet Applications.The exact type of data each system chooses to store differs between systems.Locale - In the context of this document, locale refers to the language, script, and region for which an operating system has a collection of locale data as described above. In the context of this specification, locale IDs use the syntax defined in Unicode Technical Standard #35, Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML).flash.globalization - A new package added to Flash player version 10.1 to access locale-specific functionality provided by the operating system on which the Flash player is running.

validating multiple fields in flex-36

I have been using the excellent j Query Validation plugin in my latest project.Locale data - All the data that is required by a framework/application/API in order to be able to honor various cultural conventions in a specific language and region.The data consist of month and day names, date patterns, decimal and thousand separators for number formatting, rules for language specific sorting, info on the measurement system used, and so on.Validator - A software component that ensures that an input string meets the format and criteria specified by the Validator type and set of properties.Examples include Validators for numbers, currency amounts and date time strings.

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